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 We have dermestid beetles for sale. Dermestid beetles will give you a great European skull mount leaving the skulls tight and white. Please call us at 715 267 6104
 We accept money orders or check but please understand personal checks are held for a week until clear.
In winter months we ship in a insulated box and a long life heat pack.
The amount you order is very important to you. Most people want to order a small amount but wont follow the directions. If you put a skull in with a colony of beetles that are not large enough in numbers you will have problems. The temperature needs to be around 80 degrees. Is you do not have enough beetles the meat will mold and mold spores will kill the beetles.
Our prices are on the next page with information on each order size. If you do not agree with the amount of beetles needed to do what we have written, pleas order from a different supplier. We want to help people get started but we cannot make a small # of beetles work any harder for you.